The Veg Shed – Community Men's Shed

A men's shed allotment group in Stansted Mountfitchet

The Veg Shed is a meeting group for men of all ages, designed to promote social inclusion by offering a facility for men to meet and work together. It aims to prevent social exclusion by promoting the opportunity for friendships, social engagement and skill sharing in a safe and enjoyable environment, in which members can meet and carry out creative projects acceptable to the Shed and of their own choosing, individually, jointly and for the benefit of the wider community. It also aims to promote good health and mental wellbeing to its members through active participation and, from time to time, providing opportunities for relevant health organisations to raise awareness of good mental and physical health strategies for the benefit of the Shed.

The Shed's primary focus is on growing fruit and vegetables and garden care in general. This includes:

1. Maintaining an allotment plot at the Elms Farm Allotment site in Stansted

2. Cultivating a range of edible crops throughout the year for personal consumption

3. Donation of excess crops to local food share and charitable activities

4. Learning about growing food, maintaining garden spaces and keeping healthy outdoors

In addition, the intention is to coordinate activities with other local community projects such as the Human Roots Community and existing Men's Sheds in Bishops Stortford, Braintree and beyond.

The Shed is part of the Stansted Mental Health Initiative, which many will know as ?Let's Talk, Stansted!', and under the direction of the steering committee. However, a volunteer manager handles the day to day running of the shed.

The group meets formally on Sundays from 10am till 1pm, but also informally at other times.

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