SUMMIT is the registered trademark of Tendring Mental Health Support. We have worked within Essex for over 40 years; Summit House has been the base of one of the longest standing services in the country. SUMMIT continues to provide a voice for vulnerable adults across the county of Essex, working in partnership with vulnerable adults and their families. Through a range of diverse services, we continue in our mission to advocate empowerment and support independence.

We support adults with learning disabilities and learning difficulties, neurodivergent adults and adults with mental ill health.

SUMMIT provides the following services:

SUMMIT Support Centre

Our innovative project is funded by the Lottery's Community Fund. This project provides practical help and support for adults within the Tendring area.

Correspondence Clinic

Helping people to read & understand their correspondence and support them in responding. Supporting people to access information and support to make appointments to services they require.


Our 10 week structured sessions help to improve confidence and emotional resilience, using various techniques focusing on your body and your breathing. Please contact SUMMIT to reserve your place.

Tea and Talk

Is an opportunity for people to get together, meet new friends and talk about topics of interest. Tea & Talk is held at SUMMIT House on the last Friday of the month, 10:30 till 12:00.

Experts by Experience

So that people feel better connected to their community SUMMIT train volunteers to help people to access the community.

AB4D ' Ability B4 Disability

AB4D is an Essex wide service delivered by SUMMIT and BATIAS in partnership with Essex County Council.

AB4D is for adults with a Learning Disability and Autism, their families and carers.

The aim of this service is to provide a flexible platform where people can be empowered to have a voice in their local community, discuss issues that are important to them and work together to find solutions. Individuals will be able to attend local group meetings and events in their area.

Health Drop in ' Wednesday 2:00- 4:00pm held at SUMMIT House or in the community

The Health drop in takes place every two weeks supported by us and Essex learning Disability Partnership. Providing a free, weekly drop in for adults with a learning disability in a safe, fun, and friendly environment. Promoting a healthy lifestyle.

SHELLS Project – Tendring and Colchester, Essex

A collection of charities and organisations working together in North Essex to help support homeless people, or those at risk of homelessness, with health, wellbeing and accommodation.

SUMMIT's Health advocate provides an independent voice and helps the person to have their voice and views heard. The advocate will challenge on the person’s behalf to have their voice and views heard. The advocate will challenge on the persons behalf, addressing discrimination and provide bespoke support ensuring the person has equality to access the health services they need.

This service won the East of England NHS Innovation Award and the National Award.

Autism Navigation Service

The Autism Navigation service is Essex Wide. We provide support to adults without a learning disability to access a diagnosis of Autism, at pre, mid and post diagnosis stage. Whilst people are waiting for a diagnosis, we work with them to resolve any challenges they may be facing; accessibility, employment, finances, benefits, housing, communication and relationships.

We provide Information, advice and guidance to families and carers.

We provide light touch support for people who may already have an autism diagnosis.

LikeMinds Essex

We facilitate peer support groups across Essex, for adults who identify as neurodivergent. People can share their experiences of being autistic, the successes and challenges, sharing healthy coping strategies and having the opportunity to connect and meet other likeminded people to share passionate interests and hobbies.

For more information on our peer support groups, please contact us on or telephone us on 01255 429 778.

Mind the Gap – Tendring and Colchester, Essex

SUMMIT provides Advocates to people living in Tendring and Colchester who may need some support, with the aim of helping you keep your tenancy.

​We will support you to access appropriate trauma support, mental and physical health access, as well as appropriate professional support via statutory or voluntary services.

You will not be simply signposted to other agencies – we will be there with you every step of the way. We want to empower you to identify the skills and support you may need to remain in a tenancy, such as being provided with appropriate training and learning to gain skills such as; eat healthily on a budget, cook, clean, access support, with the goal of moving towards sustainable community engagement.

Discharge Support Service – Tendring

f you have been discharged from a psychiatric hospital, or are going to be discharged soon, we can support you.

The Discharge Support Advocate will:

· Provide a first point of community contact and agree methods of contact

· Carry out a robust ‘Welfare Check' to ensure you have access to the commodities and resources you need gas/electricity/food/medication/contact with key people who can provide crisis support)

· Support you to engage with the professionals involved in your discharge plan and ongoing community treatment if appropriate

· Provide an appointment buddy if required (GP, Hospital appointments)

· Correspondence support (supported phone calls, including unpacking written communication and responding on your behalf if consented)

· Provide you with an independent voice and community representation

​Our Discharge Support Advocate will help you understand your rights to ongoing care and treatment, support you to access these in the community and help you build connections.


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