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The foundations and purpose of this page is to help break down the social stigmas attached to Mental health conditions, to create a self help and support group where mental health survivors share there stories in the hope that they can help sufferers understand what's going on inside there heads and fast track them into finding the correct treatment & support for what are ultimately types of illness that can be treated or managed

I will be holding a range of publicity stunts, charity fundraisers & doing all in my power to bring awareness in anyway shape or form to the lack of resources available to people suffering from Mental Health conditions…

Through these publicity stunts and projects I aim to give hope to anybody suffering that you CAN make it back however long it's been and that what you are going through is a PHASE THAT WILL PASS

From personal experience I lost 3 years of my life by poor practice, misdiagnosis lost paperwork and a general shambles of a service provided by the NHS…

Once I had the right treatment which for me was a talking therapy called CBT I was on the road to recovery within 4 months..

The way mental health is addressed has to be changed on every level

What No Shame hopes to achieve in the next 6 months:

A network of mental health survivors willing to act as sponsors to mental health sufferers just like alcoholics receive Non biased non judgemental support to all sufferers A text service where people unable to speak can get an answer from someone that understands To raise enough funds for a web page where people can speak freely to fellow sufferers and survivors in there own time in confidence

Here is something I posted not long ago that gives you feel of what I've been through ' I'll elaborate more and disclose what personally worked for me in the future :

A three and a half year 1285 day twisted, soul shattering & merciless journey through Mania, Clinical Depression, agoraphobia and crippling social anxiety disorder nearly got the better of me but I stand here now stronger and more self assured than ever…
There is no better feeling than being ME again & I believe that you truly do not know yourself until you lose yourself
There is NO SHAME in mental illness & the quicker people start talking the more lives can be saved
I am here for anyone that is suffering and vow to do whatever I can to change the amount of help out there available
Perceptions are changing but not nearly as much as they need to..
It doesn't matter how you got to where you are – the important thing is that you have the tools to get yourself out of whatever state of mind you find yourself in….x

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