Community Engagement Team

If you’re struggling with managing your finances, finding a new job or making sense of benefits applications forms – speak to the community engagement team for personalised help.

Who are the Community Engagement Team?

With expert knowledge of Basildon Council’s Council Tax, Benefits and Housing services – the community engagement team can help with a range of social issues. Advisors are ready to help over the phone or arrange a face-to-face appointment in the Basildon Centre in Basildon town centre.

What can the Community Engagement Team help with?

Because advisors know the services inside out, there’s a wide range of issues the team can help with. Including, but not limited to;

Developing new skills to help you find a new role Managing council tax payments Finding which benefits you’re entitled to Assistance with Universal Credit and benefits applications Help with housing issues Support with homelessness Contacting support services if you’re struggling with mental health How to get help

For an informal, private conversation with the team, please fill in the form below. These details help us know what you need help with, so we can prepare resources and be as useful as possible.

Speak to the Community Engagement Team

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