CAVS Befriending Service, including our Buddy-Up Scheme and Telephone Befriending provides support to vulnerable residents across Castle Point, Rochford and Rayleigh, to help alleviate the feelings of loneliness and social isolation experienced by many, even more so in these challenging and difficult pandemic times.

Across our local communities, people of varying ages, for all sorts of reasons, can face huge struggles, particularly if there is no network of family or friends to support them. It can be overwhelming.

Our Befriending services provide a vital lifeline and not just for the elderly. Anyone can reach out to us for help.


Do you need a caring hand of companionship and friendship? We can match you with a CAVS Volunteer Befriender for long-term support. Your interests and requirements are considered and we can arrange for regular home visits. It can bring huge value and enhance your life for the better.

Telephone Befriending

Do you like to chat? Then you could benefit from our Telephone Befriending. We can arrange for volunteer support through a telephone befriender who can connect with you on a regular basis, enabling something to look forward too, and at the same time develop friendship.

Buddy Up

Would you like to Buddy Up and receive short-term support, two hours per week?
A volunteer Buddy can help build your confidence, support and guide you too, to make best use of services in your local community that will benefit you.

Referring in to the Befriending Service

It is easy to register your interest in our befriending services:

Self-Refer by making the application entirely for yourself Refer someone you know, who you feel would benefit

Like to Volunteer with our Befriending Team?

We always welcome new recruits. Short and longer-term, highly rewarding opportunities are available and full training is provided.

Are you interested? Then have a look at what our amazing volunteers say: It is easy to apply online.

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