APNI – Association for Post-Natal Illness

Most people today have heard the term ?baby blues' used to describe a mild, short, period of depression which many women experience after childbirth.

Fewer people are aware that as many as 10% of all recently delivered women develop postnatal depression. You are not alone in suffering.

What we do

' Provide support to mothers suffering from post-natal illness

' Increase public awareness of the illness

' Encourage research into its cause/nature

The Association has a countrywide network of phone and e-mail volunteers, who have had, and recovered from post-natal illness. The volunteers are carefully vetted to ensure that they are completely well, that they have had no previous mental illness and that they are not opposed to drug therapy.

Depressed mothers are contacted at regular intervals throughout their illness and the recovery period. The relationship between the volunteer and depressed mother is regularly monitored. Most women find it a great relief to talk to someone who really understands how they feel. Depressed mothers are always advised to seek medical help and constantly assured that they will recover.

The Association runs a support service for husbands and families of the depressed woman. Many of the volunteer husbands will to talk to husbands of sufferers and offer help and advice if necessary.

If you have been diagnosed with postnatal illness we do advise you to try talking to one of our volunteers.

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